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Seniors bow at the Temple

On a glorious day our brave lads went forth to the Temple Golf Club.

Spirits were high as the first 2 pairs came in as winners.  Rob Carvill, maintaining his unbeaten season in all teams then  John Rance and Mark Ottaway held off the opposition down the 18th. Unfortunately  the joy was short-lived as the following 4 pairs were all vanquished.

The final score a 4:2 loss. The course was beautiful, the company entertaining and the food delicious, so a good day was had by all.


Honourable Draw for Seniors

On a fabulous day, the red shirted warriors had two members playing their first match, Philip Caulfield and Chris Webb. They acquitted themselves very well and are welcome additions to the team.
They were part of a titanic struggle with the equally red shirted Sherfield Seniors.
The first 3 matches went down to the 18th hole. Unfortunately 2 went against us but we won 2 of the last 3 for an honourable draw. 3-3.
The visitors were very complimentary about the condition of the course and the food.
We look forward to meeting them at home again in 2 weeks time in the M4 Summer KO.

The springs sprung upon….

With Spring upon us,  the Springs seniors found themselves truly sprung upon yesterday – as our aged heroes chalked up an impressive 6-0 victory.

Everyone of our seniors pairs played well but notable wins were recorded by the pairings of Messrs Ravenhall & Skelly and Griffin & Purvis. Geordie Jim is shortly moving north (well as far as the Midlands anyway)  and DG Seniors will miss his golfing  prowess and even his renowned grumpiness! We all wish Jim and Sarah well in their new home and golf club.

Despite the result – our guests (who are all splendid chaps) had a really enjoyable day and whilst they may have left with tails between legs – they all had smiles on their faces.

Well done team – Ed.