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TOGS 21st March 2019

31 ladies and men turned up at 8.15 to play Aussie Pairs with a twist.  Mike Lewsey was asked to select pairs on a high/ low handicap basis hopefully giving a degree of balance.   Normally in Aussie Pairs (my interpretation) players multiply their Stableford scores to give a result for the hole.  The twist was that you had to score any nine of the holes by multiplying and the other nine by adding together the Stableford scores selecting in advance on the tee which method you were going to employ.  This produced a remarkable spread in scores from just 31 to 76.  Next highest was 61!  So much for balanced pairs.  The winners were Andy Madeley (always in the running) and Scott Griffiths (handicap adjustment?), second Chris Tobin and Andy Skelly and third Graeme Hartwell and Mike Smith.

Well done the winners and thank you to everybody for supporting TOGS this last 12 months.  Thanks also to Tom Fleming and Dave Knight for enabling us to use a 2 tee start.  It really makes a difference.


Seniors Spring Tour to Goodwood 11th/12th March 2019

Welsh dragon Gareth threatened as we arrived at Goodwood for our Spring Tour. Monday’s game was played in perfect sunshine with a 45mph gale blowing on the less than memorable Parks course, relieved by fleeting glimpses of the magnificent sight of Goodwood House and the great sounds of V8s and straight 6s roaring up and down the gearbox on the motor-racing circuit next-door.  (Shades of East Dorset tanks?)  Scores ranged from 20 to 38, the winner being Peter Darwin, second Andy Madeley and third Mike Lewsey.  Peter Drummond was nearest the pin on the 8th and powerful Peter Darwin won longest drive.  After suitable refreshment, a quick change and return to the bar, the cerebral highlight of the tour was conducted by Alan Ravenhall quizzing us on popular music and a little general knowledge.  Winners were Dave Lawson, Mike Lewsey, Barry Whittaker and Andy Madeley.

Tuesday dawned damp and windy.  Buggy count went up from 2 to 8 as we arrived at the Downs course in a freshening gale.  What a course, chalk and cheese compared with the Park; magnificent views, what you could make out through the rain, sudden drops, curving valleys, elevated tees and that was only on the front nine.  However, Gareth got the better of us and regrettably we turned to home after the 9th & 10th.  And what a sensible decision.  Back at the clubhouse at the Park the heavens opened and the 18th green flooded.  Results then became based on 9 holes, scores ranging from just 7 to Mike Lewsey winning with a commendable 17 points, with Chris Tobin second and Barry Whittaker third.  No nearest the pin or longest drive as they were both on the back 9.  So the overall winner and Spring Tour Champ was Mike Lewsey, with Peter Darwin second and Barry Whittaker third.   Oh.., and the value for money player, or Tour Chump, depending on your point of view, was John Rance who is in danger of keeping the fair young figurine if he can manage a third disaster.

Thanks to everybody who came for making it such a memorable event.

PS.  I now know why I don’t use a buggy, wrong place, wrong clubs.

Seniors M4 Winter League 4th March away vs Sand Martins

Neither team could now qualify for the knock-out rounds in the Nonsuch Division, those places being occupied by W Berks (again) and The Downshire.  However, it was a question of pride to beat Sand martins in which case we would have finished 3rd in the Division.  Not to be as we were beaten 3 – 1, if only by close margins.   A big thank you to all who participated over the winter months and better luck next year under a new captain.

M4 Winter league – Seniors vs W Berks at DG 25th Feb 2019

The course was looking pretty good, particularly on the back 9 where fairways were being cut.  The opposition were equally impressed.  The sun beat down from an azure sky.  The meal of baguette & chips was well received so all-in-all a good day. By-the-way, we halved the match, probably the best we could hope for against a team that has dominated our division for the last 3 years.