Latest  Handicap Lists

After each qualifying competition, handicaps are revised and new handicap lists published for men and ladies. click on the image to view all the entries.

Please click here to see the membership handicaps.

If you were wondering what the ‘c’ means that is next to your name it means ‘competitive’ and that you have an active handicap which allows you to enter club competitions.. If there is no ‘c’ next to your name it means that your handicap is inactive and you cannot enter these competitions until you have restored your handicap to competitive status. (see below)

Competitive and Non-Competitive Handicaps

DG subscribes to the CONGU Unified handicap system. All members (men and women) must have submitted at least 3 qualifying scores per calendar (handicap) year in either a club qualifying competition or by entering supplementary Scores at any other time.

The restrictions on members with non competitive handicaps playing in club competitions are detailed in the competitions manual https://members.donnington-grove.com/competitions-manual/ and other restrictions may apply to participation in club matches.

If  your handicap is shown as non-competitive – put some supplementary cards in ASAP!

End of Year Review

At the end of each golfing year, if you have not completed 3 or more qualifying rounds your handicap will become non-competitive. To re-active your handicap you need to return 3 qualifying cards.

A system based review will also be conducted in early December each year to review the overall play of members throughout the year, Any CONGU recommendations will be followed up and individual members will be notified accordingly.

In addition periodic reviews will be carried out identifying any members who have recorded 7 consecutive  0.1 increases to handicap. Again, CONGU recommendations will be followed and individual members notified accordingly.

From the start of this year, CONGU (the GB & I handicapping authority) rules have changed slightly and club handicap committees are now required to take into consideration scores from certain types of non-qualifying competitions or, to be more specific, consistently good scores from those competitions.

The types of competition involved are 4BBB matches and ‘bowmaker’ type events where 2 or more scores per hole must be used.  Within these categories, mixed events are included.  Foursomes, Greensomes and Texas Scrambles are excluded as are match-play competitions.

Additionally, the requirements to capture non qualifying scores applies to both home and away events.  The scores from internal non-qualifying club competitions will be captured as part of the normal running of any club but away events, most commonly open competitions, will not and so now  each player is responsible for informing his or her home club of their score along with the SSS for the course played.