Concorde League


Donnington Grove Concorde League Team

Team Captain –  Steve Lillywhite

Email –

Mobile – 07808257903

Anyone interested in making themselves available please contact


2018 Calendar

  • Caversham Heath v Donnington Grove – 17th March
  • Donnington Grove v Caversham Heath  – 3rd June (Sun) – 11.32am
  • Castle Royal v Donnington Grove – 9th Sept
  • Donnington Grove v Castle Royal –15th April (Sun) – 12.04am
  • Mill Ride v Donnington Grove – 23 Sept (Sun)
  • Donnington Grove v Mill Ride – 29th April (Sun) – 12.36am
  • Studley Wood v Donnington Grove – 21st July
  • Donnington Grove v Studley Wood  – 9th June (Sat) – 11.00am   
  • The Springs v Donnington Grove – 15th Sept
  • Donnington Grove v The Springs – 29th July (Sun) – 12.36am



About the Concorde League

The league was named “Concorde” as it was formed on the day of the last flight of the Concorde and involved teams within the locality of the flight path

The Competition

Singles match play 8 a-side with 2 matches to be played simultaneously in a four-ball. Only 4 tee times required.

Teams of 8 per match will comprise club members with handicaps from 0 to 15 but the maximum number of Category 1 golfers per side / per match is limited to 3 players.

Full Handicap allowance

6 Teams are involved in the league

Studley Wood

Mill Ride

The Springs

Donnington Grove

Castle Royle

Mill Ride

Each team plays home and away so we have 10 matches and each match has 8 singles games the winner of the most singles gains the points with team bonus points for an away win.

At the end of the year there is a finals day at one of the clubs in rotation as below which includes a meal and prize giving.


2017 Mill Ride;                               2018 Caversham Heath     2019 The Springs.

2020 Studley Wood                      2021 Castle Royle               2022 Donnington Grove


Previous winners

2003       Studley Wood

2004       Donnington Grove

2005       Donnington Grove

2006       Caversham Heath

2007       Donnington Grove

2008       Studley Wood

2009       Mill Ride

2010       Mill Ride

2011       Studley Wood

2012       The Springs

2013       Studley Wood

2014       Mill Ride

2015       Studley Wood

2016       Mill Ride

2017       Studley Wood


Cost for home and away is normally around £10 this includes the golf and either breakfast or chips / sandwiches afterwards depending on the host club.