County Card Scheme

Did you know that the BB&O (Berks, Bucks, and Oxon) County Card Scheme allows members of over 375 affiliated Golf Clubs in the South of England can play at Donnington Grove for just £25.00 instead of the usual £45.00.

 BB&O County Card Poster

As a member at Donnington Grove  if you join the scheme, then you could enjoy some other great courses all over the country with some friends and save yourself a substantial part of the normal visitor green fee.

Membership is only £15 per year.

The BB&O scheme mirrors those which have been adopted in most County Unions and which provides benefits to Club Members, Clubs and the County Union. Within the South-East, there is an existing ‘consortium’ of County Unions which enables County Card Members to play at any of the host courses within any of those County Unions. BB&O is now firmly established in that ‘consortium’ which comprises Bedfordshire, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.

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