Course Updates

The Golf Course conditions is checked daily by 8am following the course inspection & the ProShop will be notified every day.   

To Book a tee time or check the course condition please call the ProShop on 01635 551975.

Buggies and Trolleys

Golf Buggies Permitted all year!

During the summer months buggies maybe used on the course but must return to the paths before the approach of the greens and stay on the paths for the green and next tee. Buggies must also stay on the paths for all the par 3’s. During the winter months the Buggies may be subject to Buggy Paths only. This rule will only apply throughout the winter months (Members will be notified via Newsletters).

Buggies maybe allowed on the fairways before the start or end of the winter period for a small period providing the conditions allow it. Please call the ProShop to check.

Please Note – Buggies are policed by GPS.

Trolleys permitted all year!

Golf trolleys are permitted all year. However, during the winter months we may ask members to switch to trolleys fitted with Winter Hedgehog Wheels & approved Winter Wheels. When purchasing winter wheels please make sure on the product description they are BIGGA  Approved Winter Wheels. 

We will notify members via a newsletter when the trolley winter wheels are to be used. This rule will only apply throughout the winter months.

Thank you for your co-operation and support


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