Isle of Wight Tour 2018

Isle of Wight Tour 2018


On July 3rd our battle-hardened team of 12 Seniors set off on their overseas tour to the Isle of Wight. Our tour captain shared a car which arrived at the Red Funnel café a little later than the rest.



‘The toasted sandwiches are good’ says Tim Brunsden.

We find out later that they were awful and everyone had left theirs on the plate! Thanks Tim.



On the ferry deck we lounged in the glorious sunshine and Dave Lawson thought it was a good idea to remove his sandals. Of course, they went missing. Tim Brunsden was obviously suspected but actually it was the sly old fox Mike Williams.

The sweep for predicting the number of balls lost on tour threw up a broad spectrum of results from 34 to 71!

Getting back to watch England v Columbia that evening was on our minds as we arrived at Freshwater Bay, and kindly they brought the first tee forward to 12.30. This didn’t stop Tom and Cliff having their first pint before they went out.

We play for the Brian Wheelan trophy which we usually win so we had the nice thought to take the trophy with us to show them what it looked like. Although the figurine was wrapped in paper in a cardboard box, imagine our dismay and embarrassment when it came out of the box in 2 pieces! Apologies to everyone; it was not our finest hour.

We had a splendid time playing golf and enjoying the great company and scenery, with ‘a view of the sea from every tee”.


Although full of tales of derring-do and pairs coming back from 3 or 4 down we lost 3½ :2½. Surprisingly the 2 boozers won 2 up; perhaps we should all have had a drink! On the positive side the ball count was impressively low at 13! After the meal and splendid speech from Captain of the Day, Tim Brunsden, we hared off back to Newport to the delights of the Calvert Arms.

           Are you sure this is the place?

We watched the football (?)  at our usual haunt the Wheatsheaf Inn. That precipitated the imbibement of perhaps few too many sherbets.

Upon arriving for our full English next morning we heard the unfortunate news that John Rance had to leave the tour for family reasons. He was one of the four drivers so the experienced group quickly arrived at the solution that John would take the trolleys home in his car and we could then fit in 3 cars and rent trolleys.

So off we set for Shanklin and Sandown who were very helpful and agreed that one of theirs would drop out, so Dave Lawson would play a singles.

As we were still early for the 11am start, Chris Armitage’s car decided to see the sea and went to Sandown for a coffee on the beach. In the meantime, the others arrived at Shanklin and Sandown and, realising that the tour captain and Captain of the day weren’t there, decided to explain our predicament of only 11 players to one of the Shanklin members at great length. After 10 mins, the member interrupted our brave interlocutor and said ‘it’s nothing to do with me, see the captain’.

Before the match we had a putting competition surprisingly won by the Tour Captain, who proceeded to miss virtually every other putt that day!

Dave Lawson halved his singles match against an accomplished 14 handicapper and the Captain of the day, Mike Williams, led from the front and won his match with partner Alan Clark.

Unfortunately, that was all we managed and so as usual we lost 4½:1½. We all had a great day, with great company and a terrific meal. Captain of the day Mike Williams slipped seamlessly back into captain’s mode, as to the manor born.

So back to the Wheatsheaf for the quiz. Chris Armitage’s wife, Hilly, set us a testing quiz. Clearly she has an inflated idea of the Senior’s group intellect!

The winning team managed 30 out of 50 and that was Chris Armitage, Cliff Waller and Chris Tobin.


The ball count was again very impressive, only 13.


The next morning we had another casualty, Graeme Hartwell was hors de combat after 2 days in the sweltering heat and so we were down to 10. Osborne golf club were very understanding and supportive. They supplied each of us with a bottle of water and a Mars bar to keep us going, which was terrific.

2 of our brave men, Tom Reseigh and Alan Clark, went 1 against 2 in the match. Although a valiant attempt it proved too much and we went down 4:2.We finished off the tour with good company, food and drink and headed for the ferry. Unfortunately with all the comings and goings we forgot to get the customary team photo.

Prize giving was on the boat.

Tour Champion

with an excellent 2 wins and 1 half, only losing 2 balls was Mike Williams.


Tour Character     

was Dave Lawson for looking after his team mates.




Tour Chump

was Chris Armitage.




Captain of the day

award was given to Tim Brunsden.



And finally the Winning (Car) team

was Mike Williams, Tom Reseigh and despite his absence John Rance.


The final ball loss total was lower than anyone predicted at 31!



Well done guys. Many thanks to all the team for making the tour extremely enjoyable and thank you for my present.Chris T.