Juniors Section

Junior Golf at Donnington Grove Country Club…

At Donnington Grove Country Club we are aware that juniors are the future of our Club and we want to encourage as many young people as we can to take up this wonderful sport. We know that golf at Donnington Grove can play an important role in a junior’s life by encouraging the development of life skills such as discipline, integrity, team work and commitment.

We are currently on the lookout for a junior organiser who will be able to work closely with Marc Rollings / Golf Manager and the Professional Staff to help the junior members not only enjoy this excellent game but to help them integrate into the club. Our aim is to introduce the game to young people and encourage development to become a more experienced player and provide a friendly and safe place for juniors to learn, practice, play and enjoy the inspiring game of golf.

We junior roll up times booked on the 3rd Sunday of every month in afternoon at 1pm Roll Up for a friendly 9 Hole Stableford competition to help the juniors all get to know each other and enjoy a fun game. We would be delighted if some parents could stay and walk round with the juniors to help make sure they understand etiquette & safety of other golfers.  Any juniors under the age of 14 have to be accompanied by an adult at all times which is why we recommend they join this group but juniors over the age of 14 can play at any time providing they book a tee time.

As well as the Sunday Roll Up we are looking to work with the Professional staff and set up a coaching session before the junior roll up times so complete beginners and more experienced golfer can practice before the round. We advise beginners don’t join the roll up until either the Professional or Junior Organisers and happy with their ability to complete 9 holes.

Junior golfers can have a club handicap of up to 52 for both Boys & Girls. A handicap can be obtained by completing 3x 18 Hole cards. This can be achieved with a set of 9 holes on both the front 9 & back 9 with Marc Rollings or an approved Member of the club. This will encourage them not only try to improve their on ability but understand how much fun competing in a competitions can be. Once their handicap is below either 28 for Boys & 36 for Girls they will then be able to compete in the main club competitions and even represent the club in regional clubs matches.

We are also hoping in the future we can start a Donnington Grove Junior Team and compete against other juniors from other local clubs.


If you are keen to help or know someone who can please don’t hesitate to call Marc Rollings on 01635 581000 or email golf@donnington-grove.com.