Seniors AGM Minutes

Donnington Grove Seniors AGM – Wednesday 1st March 2017

The Cloudy Room at 7:30pm

 Minutes of Meeting




Dave Lawson (Seniors Captain)                        Chris Tobin (Seniors Vice Captain)

Tony Coleman (Club President)                Alan Ravenhall (Minutes)                                                 Chris Armitage                                             Tim Brunsden                                                                           Rob Carvill                                                     Peter Darwin                                                                                        Ian Flack                                                         Ian Gaskell                                                                                 Steve Gridley                                                 Vince Hanniffy                                                                Graeme Hartwell                                         Colin Henley                                                                                Ron Hill                                                           Tom Lane                                                                             Andy Madeley                                                David Miller                                                                             Sean O’Shea                                                    Jim Purvis                                                                               John Rance                                                      Roger Rapley                                                                        Tom Reseigh                                                   Mike Smith                                                                         Andy Skelly                                                      Cliff Waller                                                                            Kevin Walker                                                    Andy Woodley


Keith Astill                                                       Richard Bungey

Ian Chapelle                                                  Russ Castle

Paul Caulfield                                                Peter Drummond

Patrick Griffin                                                David Hickman

David Hodgskin                                                Mike Huxtable

Nick Large                                                            Mike Lewsey

Peter Leydon                                                Subodh Mohindra

Bernie Parker                                                Ken Pike

Mike Pritchard                                                Peter Smalley

David Stoker                                                Robin Tandy

Tony Webb

  1. Welcome

Following a social gathering in the bar Dave Lawson opened the meeting by welcoming the impressive number of attendees.

  1. Review of minutes of last meeting and matters arising 

The 2106 minutes were approved, being proposed by Tony Coleman and seconded by Chris Tobin.

Actions arising

2.1 IG agreed to organise Summer League.

Ian Gaskell successfully managed the whole summer league for the four clubs participating which is good PR for Donnington Grove.

2.2 Eclectic – DL will ask JR whether he is prepared to run it again.

Alan R. set up the Eclectic entry booklet in the pro shop as per 2015 but nobody entered.

2.3 M4 leagueDL/CT to attend M4 league AGM with the intention of entering a team. Check that DGGC are happy with the extra fixtures.

Dave and Chris attended the M4 winter league AGM and Donnington Grove were very supportive of the extra fixtures so we subsequently joined the league.

2.4 Team selection – Will be tried out based on form for the matches against West Berks, Manor House and the existing winter league competition. The captains of matches will be involved in selection of their teams. Dave Lawson.

Some significant success with team selection, winning the West Berks Elfed Trophy and the Manor House Challenge cup. Dave thanked Tom Reseigh for his leader of the Winter League.

2.5 Slow play – write to The Club Committee raising awareness and send out an email on etiquette and slow play as an aide-memoire. Dave Lawson

Committee and club supportive with various notes being posted. See “guidance on slow play” document posted on Seniors Section of the Members website by Dave Lawson.

2.6 Four ball midweek competitions – Take this back to the Competitions Committee for clarification as to whether permissible rather than three balls.

Tom Reseigh confirmed the four balls are permissible.

2.7 Group lessons – more to be organised for Seniors – Dave Lawson

Various lessons were organised with Tom in the pro-shop as coach and were well received.


  1. Seniors Captain’s report and review of year – Dave

The following are a copy of the bullets from the slides Dave used in his presentation.



  • 10th Anniversary Celebration in May.
  • Another fantastic tour to the IOW – thanks go to Alan R.
  • Well attended Seniors Open.
  • Runners-up in Bishopswood Invitational – thanks go to Jon T.
  • Addition of Studley Wood to our Summer fixtures.
  • 40 participants in Seniors Charity Bowl.
  • £1,987 raised for Charities by the Seniors.
  • Winning the Elfed Trophy from West Berks.
  • Winning Challenge Cup against Manor House.
  • Retaining Freshwater Trophy.
  • Captain vs Crew “Ryder Cup”.
  • Well attended TOGS events run every month.
  • Entered the M4 winter league for the first time.
  • A mix of competitive and friendly matches through the year.
  • Enjoyable tours to Tracy Park and (hopefully) Meon Valley.


  • 36 players took part in one or more of our 32 summer friendlies.
  • 20 went to Tracy Park.
  • 15 are going to Meon Valley.
  • 23 have played in one or more of our 14 Winter League matches.
  • 7 “newbies” played in matches for the Seniors.
  • 16 folks added to the Seniors mailing list/availability sheet in the year.


  • Loss to the Ladies.
  • Goring & Streatley withdrawing from summer friendlies.
  • Continuing fragmentation at the roll-ups.


  • Introductory email to new Seniors.
  • Monthly Newsletter.
  • “Quick Wins”
    • Divot Bags
    • More Divot boxes on Tees
    • Rubbish bins
  • Seniors Winter KO.

Thanks/acknowledgement to….

Alan Ravenhall for acquiring a variety of four ball vouchers.

John Rance for continuing IT and Website support.

Captains of the day CW, TR, ML, IG, AR, CA.

Ian Gaskell for coordinating the summer League.

Prize winners….

Spring Tour 2106: Tom Reseigh .

  • IOW Tour Trophy Winner: Cliff Waller.
  • Charity Bowl Winners: Peter Darwin and Jim Purvis.
  • Autumn Tour 2016: Chris Armitage.
  • PPP award winner: Mike Smith.

Top Gun aggregating all matches – Chris Armitage. 

  1. Financials

Finances fall into two categories, The Seniors and TOGS, the latter being open to all members but managed by the seniors.


This slide is for the Seniors and it shows a detailed spread sheet used to track money flows through the year with a summary superimposed upon it indicating where the money goes. The overall senior’s income was £9663. Dave reported that by the end of march, the closing Balance will be about £120 which is almost the same as the opening balance.



This slide shows the income, expense, Profit/loss and running balance by event throughout the year. The Overall TOGS income was £606.

Date Event (£) Income (£) Expenses (£) Profit / Loss (£) Balance (£) Details
     Fri 01/04/2016 Opening Balance £0.00 Transferred from Alan Ravenhall
   Tue 19/04/2016 April TOGS – Tombstone £25.00 £18.51 £6.49 £6.49 25 entrants. Three bottles of wine and 1 beer for the booby prize. £1 entry fee charged
Thu 26/05/2016 May TOGS – Muddleford £48.00 £66.00 -£18.00 -£11.51 16 entrants. 10 bottles wine 1 bottle prosecco, 1 beer (booby).   4 bottles remain worth £24
Thu 16/06/2016 June TOGS – Yellow Ball £42.00 £48.77 -£6.77 -£18.28 14 entrants. 12* yellow balls; 2 prosecco+ 2 Red (1st);   4 red (2nd); 2 beers (booby)
Tue 19/07/2016 July TOGS – Vegas £24.00 £13.98 £10.02 -£8.26 2 bottles of red and 2 pkts chips bought. 2 bottles used from 26th May so 2 bottles remain
Thu 25/08/2016 August TOGS – Pairs £66.00 £36.00 £30.00 £21.74 22 entrants. £36 wine and pears owed to CT. Net out previous 2 matches. CT owes £62. 2 bottles of wine remain with Dave
Tue 20/09/2016 Sept TOGS – Aussie Pairs £38.00 £23.39 £14.61 £36.35 2 wine from previous comp, 2 beer, 6 sleeves balls. Balls in multipacks. 26 entrants.
Thu 20/10/2016 TOGS- 4 club chall £54.00 £39.00 £15.00 £51.35 £24 wine, £14.99 balls, 4 ball voucher. Chris gave £15 to DL
Tue 22/11/2016 TOGS – Betterball Bogie £60.00 £50.20 £9.80 £61.15 £42 wine, £7.20 beer, £1 tissues (booby)
Thu 22/12/2016 TOGS Xmas Extravaganza £132.00 £233.00 -£101.00 -£39.85 44 entrants, mulled wine & mince pie £2pp, prizes £30.66, Gifts £114.35
Tue 17/01/2017 TOGS – Vegas £57.00 £39.43 £17.57 -£22.28 19 entrants. 2 wine, winners, 2 wine runners up, 4 beer third prize, 4 kettle chips booby.
Thu 23/02/2017 TOGS 666 £60.00 £44.25 £15.75 -£6.53 20 entrants. Wine (2*£10 first, 2*£6 2nd), £6 beer for 3rd, £4 devils cake mix booby, £2.25 sleeve balls nearest pin
Thu 23/03/2017 £0.00 -£6.53

 All finances nicely under control and transparent

 5.0 Seniors Officers 2017/18

 5.1 Seniors Captain.

Dave explained that under the club constitution, the Seniors Vice Captain automatically ascends to the role of Seniors Captain from the beginning of April.

Congratulations Chris Tobin on becoming the 2017/18 Seniors Captain.

The leadership of the meeting was turned over to Chris to deal with future business.

5.2 Seniors Vice Captain.

Chris Tobin proposed Chris Armitage which was seconded by Cliff Waller.

The appointment was carried unanimously.

Congratulations to Chris A.

  1. Plans for the year ahead – Chris T.

The following are a copy of the bullets from the slides Chris T. used in his presentation.

6.1 Matches…. 

  • 34+ Summer matches.
    • New M4 Summer knock out tournament. Weybrook Park, home.
    • Includes 3 trophies W. Berks, Manor House and Freshwater.
    • Includes Summer League. Wokefield Park, Springs, Caversham Heath.   Ian Gaskell organising again.
    • 1 match vs. Ladies per captaincy.
  • 2 Winter Leagues
    • The Graham Jefferies League. over 60 handicap 18. Tom R. Captain
    • M4 League. Over 55 handicap 24

 6.2  Events….

  • Seniors Open 11/8/17 – Aim 80+
  • Seniors Charity Bowl 1/9/17- Aim 40+
  • Mid-week Championship 12/7/17. Aim 50+
  • TOGS events one per month. (Th.10; Tu. 2)
  • Eclectic – It was agreed to drop for this year but review next year.

 6.3 Tours….

  • Spring Tour arranged March 6-7 March. Meon Valley
  • Isle of Wight 4-6th Arranged
  • Autumn Tour arranged Tracy Park 9-10th October (1 vacancy)
  • Spring Tour 2018 March 5-6 TBA

 6.4  Team Selection.

Availability, home vs. away, best pairings, vary pairings, fairness, form.(please look at appendix for several tables and graphs that Chris presented to illustrate issues of availability and pairing strength)

Team selection criteria to be adopted by Chris and Chris….

  • Transparent, Fair, Inclusive but competitive
  • Overall captain’s judgment goes on what’s fair.e.g. encourage new players, people coming back from injuries etc.
  • We will officially stop the home and away link on individual clubs but continue an away vs. home analysis, so that it’s fair to all.
  • Selection for highly prized away games will favor those who make themselves available for the most games overall. Efforts will be made to vary the pairings as much as possible.
  • Selection for highly prized away games will favor those who make themselves available for the most games overall. Efforts will be made to vary the pairings as much as possible.
  • There will be a competitive element in the selection for Trophies, Summer knock out and Leagues.
  • Summer league clubs are requested to field teams wherever possible which include players equally across the spectrum of all available handicaps’

Chris pointed out how difficult it can be to achieve selection goals when availability is limited.



 6.5.1 All Please put down when you are available irrespective of home and away.

6.5.2 All to review your availability for,

15-Mar    Ladies   currently 10 – need 14

21-May   Woke field* currently 9 – need 12

04-Apr    Sherfield currently 10 – need 12

13-Apr    Badgemore currently 10 – need 12

13-Jun    Weybrook KO* currently 5 – need 8

6.5.3 Create a backup list of seniors who could be available to contact at short notice if teams are short. Chris T.

 6.6 Please Promote and participate in…

The Seniors Open.

The Seniors Charity Bowl.

Midweek Championship.

7. Discussion issues tabled in advance….


7.1 Are there enough willing players for the Winter Leagues to have an “A” and “B” teams for DGGC? This since I noted this winter several potential players were available and as there are only 8 per team, there could be enough to have two teams competing – Mike Smith

Points made: Historically we have not had enough seniors to field 16 players and we would have to contact other clubs to gain approval.

The M4 winter League and Graham Jefferies league have handicap restrictions of 24 and 18 respectively but, seniors with handicaps of more than that can still play but to the limited handicap so if you are just over, still put your name down.

It was agreed to see what availability transpires and review later in the year. Chris Tobin.

7.2 Given that the same people seem to win at the roll-up, could we organise a specific handicap for the roll-up. Andy Skelly

The roll-up is open to all members; however, it was put to a vote and it was agreed that no action would be taken.

7.3 Do we continue with the eclectic?

It was agreed to drop for this year but review again next year. Chris T.

7.4 Do we continue with the Seniors winter knockout?

Overwhelmingly yes. Chris T.

7.5 Do we want coaching sessions?

Yes, continue with Tom. Chris Tobin

  1. AOB

8.1 Should we implement “pitch repair parties” – Tim Brunsden

Felt to be a good idea – raise and organise via main committee. T. Coleman

8.2 Have Hedgehogs been successful?

Ask at main AGM when course management are present. T. Coleman


  1. Meeting closed 9.30pm

Having concluded AOB, Chris thanked everybody for their involvement and wished the gathering a great new golfing year.

10. Appendix

The following are a series of Graphs presented by Chris T. to illustrate issues of pairings and availability.