Seniors Charity Auction

We have been kindly donated 4 Ball vouchers to a few select courses. They are being auctioned to the Seniors Section for the Captains Charity.


A very deserving cause, through provision of free school meals, support for small businesses and care for children living with disability, ATE is making a measurable difference to thousands of people.

Please find below table showing potential value of the 4 balls ,reserve prices and current bids.

All you have to do is e-mail the captain your bids. If you only want to pay for 1 but want to bid for 2 or more as back ups; put it in the e-mail. Why not talk to 3 friends and get them all to put in for a great day out! . Friends do not need to be members or Seniors.

This is now closed!   An Excellent £435 was raised! Many thanks to all who bid.