Seniors Summer Matches

Each year the D.G. seniors play a summer program of about 30 mid week home and away interclub matches.
Some of these matches are included in our Summer League, set up by Ian Gaskell and you can track our progress below.We play some great senior teams at some excellent clubs and win lose or draw ( though we quite like to win!) everyone has a good time!So far we are doing quite well.

It doesn’t always go that well. Here is one of our stars playing his “approach” shot after his drive didn’t go as far as he had hoped – you can see the tee markers about a yard behind him. Never mind, worse things happen at sea!

All seniors are very welcome to play in our interclub matches but there are a few things that you need to do;

    1. You must to be 55 years of age or older to qualify for seniors matches.

    2. You must have an active handicap. If it’s not active then get some cards in ASAP!
    3. You’ll need to buy some very smart seniors kit (a red seniors shirt, black trousers and black seniors sweater or pullover ). Contact Dave, Chris or the Pro shop to buy some.
    4. You’ll need to give Dave or Chris your email address so that they can keep you updated.
    5. Finally you’ll need to log on to google docs and mark up your availability on the seniors match availability chart.
      If you want to make yourself available for the summer matches, use google sheets link here and use the drop down menu in each match you would like to play in. When you use an iPad for this you need to install the “sheets” app in order to be able to update your availability.
      If you are not included in the list of players, contact the seniors captain.You can follow the team’s fortunes here:

      Match News

      Here is the News

      Seniors M4 Winter League vs Sandford Springs away 15/2/19

      We entered this match needing a win to boost our chances of finishing in the top 2 in our division and therefore qualifying for the knock-out rounds.   The sun shone brilliantly on a beautifully dry course and at one time it was warm enough to play in shirtsleeves.  The company was good and the food […]

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      Senior Interclub matches 2019

      March 26Wokefield Estates (H)000
      April 8Manor House (H)000
      April 11Badgemore Park (H)000
      April 16M4 Finals Day000
      April 17Mill Ride(A)000
      April 23Weybrook Park (H)000
      April 25The Springs(H)000
      May 1Sandford Springs (A)000
      May 7Mill Ride (H)000
      May 9Badgemore Park(A)000
      May 13Sherfield Oaks (H)000
      May 21Temple (A)000
      June 3Marlborough (A)000
      June 6Weybrook Park (A)000
      June 18Manor House (A)000
      June 20Caversham Heath (H)000
      June 24West Berks (H)000
      June 27Newbury and Crookham (H)000
      July 2Freshwater Bay (A)000
      July 3Shanklin and Sandown (A)000
      July 4Osborne (A)000
      July 9Temple (H)000
      July 15The Springs (A)000
      July 19Caversham Heath (A)000
      July 25West Berks (A)000
      July 30Studley Wood (H)000
      August 1Osborne (H)000
      August 5Marlborough (H)000
      August 7Sandford Springs (H)000
      August 13Shanklin (H)000
      August 20Studley Wood (A)000
      August 22Newbury and Crookham (A)000
      September 4Freshwater (H)000
      September 6Sherfield Oaks (A)000
      September 11Wokefield Estates (A)000
      September 12Seniors Pairs Charity Bowl000
      September 20Seniors Open000
      October 2Ladies end of season match000
      October 3Golf-Father Final000
      October 7M4 Summer KO Final day000
      All Games0000.00%
      All Matches0000.00%


      Top of the Pops

      The number of matches to qualify10
      The number of players shown40

      Summer League

      Seniors Summer League

      Seniors Summer League
      Summary results
      Caversham Heath82451910Second
      Donnington Grove82731812First
      The Springs8252218Third
      Sandford Springs8184265Fifth
      Wokefield Park8182287Fourth
      Stop press
      Excellent home win by Caversham against Springs secures the runners up spot. Congratulations to Donnington who are 2018 winners!
      Scoring system:
      Each match comprises 6 x 4 ball better ball games played in accordance with the agreed rules.
      Match points are allocated as follows: 3 for an away match win, 2 points for a home win, 1 point for a draw.
      In the event of an overall tie the club with the greatest number of game wins takes the trophy
      and if there is a further tie the club with the highest number of away wins is the winner!

      Latest Result

In the table below you will see who has been selected by the captain to play or who has played in our matches. Team notices will be mailed out prior to each match.

Senior Interclub Teams

Pairings Wokefield Estates (H)Manor House (H)Badgemore Park (H)M4 Finals DayMill Ride(A)Weybrook Park (H)The Springs(H)Sandford Springs (A)Mill Ride (H)Badgemore Park(A)Sherfield Oaks (H)Temple (A)Marlborough (A)Weybrook Park (A)Manor House (A)Caversham Heath (H)West Berks (H)Newbury and Crookham (H)Freshwater Bay (A)Shanklin and Sandown (A)Osborne (A)Temple (H)The Springs (A)Caversham Heath (A)West Berks (A)Studley Wood (H)Osborne (H)Marlborough (H)Sandford Springs (H)Shanklin (H)Studley Wood (A)Newbury and Crookham (A)Freshwater (H)Sherfield Oaks (A)Wokefield Estates (A)Seniors Pairs Charity BowlSeniors OpenLadies end of season matchGolf-Father FinalM4 Summer KO Final dayCaptain v Crew