Supplementary cards

Supplementary Score Cards

Members who are unable to complete the minimum required number of qualifying competitions have the option to submit a qualifying score via the supplementary score procedure.

(N.b.  a supplementary round must be played with another member marking the card)

Points to note

  • Before your round you must register with  the Professional Shop confirming your intention to play a supplementary round. 
  • Sign in the Folder with your details and receive a supplementary card with details of the process to follow.
  • Complete your round
  • Complete, check and sign your card and return to the professional shop at the end of your round. If the shop is closed at the end of your round please post your card in the competition box below the PSI.
  • Members in category 2, 3 & 4 can only submit one supplementary card a week subject to a maximum of 10 a year.
  • Category 1 Members are limited to 3 cards starting in September and only to reactive a non-competitive handicap.
  • Cards not returned or incomplete/non signed cards will result in a handicap increase of 0.1

Have a look at this guide to completing a supplementary score card

Supplementary Card guide