TOGS !7th January 2019

21 players braved the bitterly cold wind in the sunshine today, but alas no ladies.  We played singles Jokers where 3 jokers are used on the front nine and 3 on the back nine, doubling your Stableford score on that hole if you declare before taking a shot which might land on the green, and tripling it if declared before teeing off.  Scores varied from just 30, no name but he received a booby prize, to 63, the winner Andy Madeley.  Second on 62 was Mike Williams and third Peter Robertson on 55.  These last 3 names have appeared quite often in the prize places in TOGS and there were mutterings of having their handicaps cut.  I think I will leave that for next year’s Seniors Captain.  An enjoyable day; thank you to everybody who played.