Winter KO 2017/18 – DRAWS


Winter Singles & Doubles KO competitions 2017/18


Please note that all competitors have plenty of time to play each round if they contact their opponents as soon as they are known.

Both parties are responsible for contacting each other as soon as possible and ensuring the match is played before the end date of the round.


Please find below the draws –

  • Singles Stroke allowance – Full handicaps difference as recommended by the CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2016-18 (Appendix F). Ladies receive two adjustment shots to their handicap when playing men.

  • Doubles Stroke allowance – the lowest handicap player concedes strokes to the other 3 players based on 90% of the difference between the full handicaps as recommended by the
    CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2016-18 (Appendix F). Ladies receive two
    adjustment shots on their handicap before strokes are conceded when playing men.


The main draw sheet is on the competitions board and your results must be publish on this board before the deadline or both individuals or teams could be eliminated.  


Competition Rules & Regulations


  • A minimum of three dates must be offered by each player – All dates offered must be within the relevant dates for the round concerned i.e. on or between the start date and end date of that round. Public/ Bank Holidays are regarded as weekend dates. During winter knockouts, a week date is not obligatory.
  • If both players agree, the match may be played before the start date of the round.
  • If both players cannot agree a date between them and the match result has not been determined by the end date, both players are eliminated. In the unlikely event of a match dispute both parties must put their cases to the competition committee in writing. The competition committee decision will be final.
  • If a match is cancelled and cannot be re-arranged before the end date, the player that cancelled will forfeit the match.
  • No individual extensions will be granted. In extreme circumstances, the competition committee may extend the closing dates of a particular round.
  • Five-day members may play in this competition, if a match is played on a weekend, then the appropriate green-fee must be paid.
  • Competition format – the format is match play; Men play the yellow course and ladies the red course.
  • The committee will provide a Referee where possible for the final.